School Shoes

Soft, Stretchy Upper

Flexible, porous material that shape to the foot.

Biomechanic Insole

Biomechanic Insole Series that provide optimum support and comfort.

Rocker Bottom

The rocker, or curve of the sole makes foot propulsion easier without straining the joints.

Roomy Toe Box

Ample toe boxes prevent pain by keeping pressure and friction off vulnerable areas.

Shock Absorption

Dense flexible foams that make up the midsole absorb and disperse the intense force from the foot striking the ground.


Soft base from heel to the midsole to relieve pressure on the foot.


The sturdy area around the heel to keep your foot from slipping.

Slight Lift

It raises the arch a bit, taking some tension off foot structures.

Midsole Support

Provides arch support and keeps the foot and consequently all the joints above it to be more stable.

It is not just a pair of ordinary school shoes,
It is a pair of functional school shoes that create optimum ergonomics!

Benefits of MyFeet School Shoes:

CORRECTING alignment of the feet and posture
IMPROVING gait patterns
INCREASING walking speed and step length which consequently adjusts the kinematics at the ankle and knee
PROTECTING their joints and absorb shock loads
Adjustable fastenings help keep the foot SECURELY within the shoe and INFLUENCE foot function.

The Experimental Proof

Based on medical journal research & pilot studies done by MyFeet.

The Production Process

Research-IMG (1)

1. Research & Development


3. Biomechanic

Testing-IMG (1)

2. Testing

Quality-IMG (1)

4. Quality Control


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