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Premium Series

The Premium Series Sandals from MyFee+ are upgraded classics with premium materials and stability. A stylish and perfect casual footwear that is crafted to deliver you maximum comfort and support. The upper is made from PU fabric and the premium outsole is a combination of comfort and durability.

Genuine Leather

Our footbed is covered with genuine leather made from high-quality cow skin which allows your feet to breathe while still providing the support and comfort you need. This material helps absorb moisture, creating the ideal sandals made for tropical climates.

Premium Outsole

The Premium outsole is made with natural rubber, and then crafted into a unique tread design. This material and design makes the outsole flexible, light, durable, and a great shock absorber. The design of the outsole is specially made not only to be durable, but also gives you a stress-free foot and back comfort, at every step that you take.

Other Features

Dual Layer Memory Foam

For those who need added cushioning and support. Not only providing more cushioning to reduce feet fatigue, but able to absorb more impact and prevent joint strain during walking and standing.

Premium Soft Wood Material

Made to be resistance to water and dirt while providing structural stability and support from the base of the foot

PU Fabric

Designed, engineered and handcrafted with softness, beauty, and durability in mind. Giving maximum comfort in any of our sandal series. Available in wide range of colors.

Woven Fabric Backing

By having woven fabric backing, it can add longer life to the sandal fabrics and increase the wear while keeping a soft comfortable feeling when wearing it.

Coated Metal Buckle

A heavy duty thick coated buckle that helps secure your foot to the sandal while also providing adjustability to fit your preferences.

Uniquely Designed Attachment Points

A highly flexible material that can withstand great tension in every movement that you make.

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