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Our Services

We help you understand your feet better!

Did you know that at least 80% of the general population in the world faces foot problems? But these problems can often be corrected by proper assessment, treatment, and above all, care of the feet.

Lesions of the ankle and foot can alter the mechanics of gait and as a result causes stress on other lower limb joints, which in turn may lead to pathology in these joints.

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Our Process

We use the world’s slimmest medical grade foot analyzing scanner that is able to perform an in-depth analysis of your feet and determine any abnormalities. This machine can help detect your foot arch, abnormal pressure distribution, body balance, posture, and many more. The whole process can easily be done within 3 minutes following these steps below:

Our staff with specialized training in lower limbs will help in examine the alignment of your leg and feet using the foot scanner that can detect abnormalities in your feet.

Our staff will observe your overall feet and posture as it will be analyzed based on observation and data from the scanner with a collection of medical history to determine the right footwear.

From the static pressure mapping, we can identify if there is any abnormal pressure distribution, to determine what type of foot (flat/normal/high arch), peak pressure points, forefoot / rear foot pressure ratio.

Once, all examination is done we will recommend which sandals or insole that is best for you.

Aftersales Services

We also offer the following services for our products 

Buckle Replacement

Attachment Points Replacement

Outer Sole Replacement

Free Foot and Posture scan services

Once you have comfortably worn our shoes for 6 months, you can return to any of our outlets in Asia to see the progress of your foot health.

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