Experience True Comfort

Our shoes are biomechanically engineered with industrial and medical grade compound of different densities to help bring comfort to not only your feet but also to your daily life.

We help you understand your feet better

Using the slimmest foot analyzing scanner in the world. The scanner allows to scan, analyze and show static, dynamic, vestibular and posture test functions accurately to enable to analyze problems in your foot and develop a footwear that is optimized for you.

Stylish, without losing comfort and support

We offer an impressive variety of fashionable footwear that will match even the trendiest outfits. A perfect blend of fashion without sacrificing healthy footwear!

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We have over 40 retail outlets spread in key cities across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Visit us today and get a free foot scan today!

Our Products

Our products are crafted with love infused with premium materials to produce an everlasting quality sandals.

Customer Testimonies

How to know what slipper design you should wear? You can scan your feet and see where you always put pressure on and where is your weak point? and the staff will recommend you the normal slip on or the one with the big toe slip on or sandals? There is a demo set inside a small water tank to show customer that it is waterproof and as i walk on the leather sole, i felt a bump hitting in the middle of the feet and that is the pressure of your feet so that it will not be too flat and yet massaging your feet whenever you walk, bare in mind that flat cheap slippers is very bad for your feet and the feet is where all the veins and points are connected. I would recommend you to come here and get a free scan and try out the soles they offer.

Jen L.